Why GO Diskless

There comes a time when we have to choose between what is the best way to save money and earning it. So the debate for it is always there. Let’s take, setting up a gaming center as in example. You have to purchase best hardware (with hard disks), install the operating systems and games, setup bandwidth management, and configure software billing application to manage billing for all the PC’s.

When you setup the store with the first option you have to install  the OS, games and other applications for each and every clients, and doing this for 5 out of 10 clients is not a problem. In fact many technicians do it this way. But the what awaits then is hours of maintenance when they have to update the PC’s, or worse, is infected by a virus. They would have to reinstall the OS and all the other applications once again, wasting even more hours in maintenance and your hard earned money.

So consider this, if you have 100+ PC’s in you store. Will you do it this way? Or look for a better way.

Enter CCBoot. The one one and for all maintenance solution.

On just one PC – starting with installing the OS, any applications you want, and any pre-requisites for games. Then, install the CCBoot Client Application, make an image using the various methods available and upload it to one of the server PC.

Once server is configured, all you have to do is turn on each PC and boot them using PXE. That’s all there is to it. All the PC in your store will boot to Windows using the same image you uploaded earlier.

Did your client PC crash? Just reboot the same PC and Auto-magically it’s back to the way it was.

CCBoot clients get a fresh copy of Windows every time they boot or reboot. So there is no need for any maintenance to be done.

What about when you need to install a new application or update Windows? Just make one of the client PC’s into a SuperClient, run the installation or update it, then save the image. Now when the client PC turns on, each and every client will get all the updates and applications that were installed using SuperClient. This will not only saves you hundreds of hours in maintenance, it also saves you great amount of money in technician fees. On top of this, they also save huge on hard disk costs. The savings from hard disks costs is actually enough to pay for 3-4 years of CCBoot which is actually higher than typical life expectancy of any Hard disk. So you’re saving money on hard disks and paying for CCBoot licenses two times over when you go Diskless.

Hard disks are from a bygone era. Diskless systems are the new players in town, rocking gaming cafes all over the world. Sign up for a free trial today and find out how CCBoot has been providing Diskless solutions for over a decade, having more than 30000 customers throughout the world.

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