CCBoot VS DeepFreeze

CCBoot Logo Well folks, today we put our very own CCBoot and pit it against DeepFreeze, a program by Faronics.

DeepFreeze LogoDeepFreeze like the name sounds freezes your computer hard drive against any external changes with its Reboot To Restore technology. It has a built-in feature for password protection to prevent anyone from undoing the freeze and removing data from your computers. Every time you reboot your hard drive you will have a clean state, free of viruses and malwares. You’ll also be able to restore of files that are deleted by users.
Now, this sounds good and all but is it really worth using DeepFreeze. Here are few point to keep in mind.

  1. Every time you want to make any changes you have to undo the DeepFreeze, and to do that you have to physically go to the workstation and enter password, just to open the program. Then, there is mandatory reboot in order to disable DeepFreeze (so called Thawed Mode).
  2. Now, all the changes are made, to save them you can to again, redo “Frozen” state, open the program and enter password and finally enable “Frozen” mode. Easy isn’t it.
  3. Now repeat this process to all the PC you have. Think of the time taken, hours/days/weeks to maintain 100’s of computer.

You are probably thinking about the last sentence in step 2, aren’t you?

Remember, when using DeepFreeze, there is still one critical part that we cannot ignore, which is also a point of failure. The “Hard Disk”, on which our OS resides. If it’s damaged in any way, we lose all our data, even if we have DeepFreeze. Make a note here, we will get back here after a while.

Now, let’s talk about CCBoot, an ISCSI Diskless Boot application. Doesn’t sound familiar, does it. But folks, you will be surprised to know how many users use this application. I won’t go in details about the number of users and bore. One thing I will tell you is that, I will work and function exactly like DeepFreeze in every manner with many added benefits. First being there is no use of hard disk.

Ya, you heard it right. All the benefits of DeepFreeze without hard disk?

I will go a bit off track and talk about costing. DeepFreeze required hard disk while CCBoot does not, DeepFreeze cost about46$ cheapest for the Education license with 7$ for 1st year Maintenance package included, while CCBoot costs one $1 per PC per Month (free support and upgrades) and if you payannually, costs a mere $10 per PC, which is less than the cost for your hard disk (considering HDD last 3 / 4 yrs). You can purchaseCCBoot based on your requirements.

CCBoot has an extensive library of how to’s on their site you can check. I will describe how CCBoot works briefly:

  1. You make one master image for all your computers and put it on the server.
  2. You PXE boot all your computers through LAN from that single master image (removing the need for having a HDD).
  3. All clients see the master image as standalone hard disk and boot from it.
  4. Any changes you make in client side (install programs, delete system files, infect with virus), once you reboot the client, everything is back to the state when you created the master image.

Now let’s say you you want to make changes (update windows, install application, etc).

  1. With just one mouse click, a check box tick and a button press, you put a Client PC into SuperClient Mode.
  2. Install application, update windows anything you want to do after that shutdown the PC.
  3. After all is done with, with few more mouse click you save the changes to the master image.

Now moment of truth turn on all the PC you have. Auto-magically all the clients have all the application and updates you made to that single “Master” image. Saving you hundreds of hours of maintenance time, if you had been using DeepFreeze or any other Stateless applications.

CCBoot saves you on hard disk cost and once you have all set up, there is no need for periodic maintenance that is normally needed with using a hard disk. And one more thing.  Since there is no use of hard disk, you are free from heat generation and energy consumption by hard disk.

The money you save in electricity in time pays for the license youbuy for CCBoot.

I, myself use CCBoot in my café ever since I started using CCBoot, never once have I had to do any serious maintenance. With, unannounced, blackouts causing hard disk failure in the past. I feel much at ease with CCBoot, since I only have to ever provide backup to my server.

You don’t have to believe in my word, you can just see all the places CCBoot has been implemented.

Russian Office

Mexico School

For more CCBoot Cases visit:


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