A Look at Areas Perfect for Diskless LAN Booting Software

I assume that you have read our previous series of posts on 7 Reason to Supercharge your Internet Cafe with Diskless Booting, if you havenot then now is  the right time to read it.

Alright, now that you have a much better idea of what this type of diskless LAN booting software is and why so many other companies use it, let’s move on to looking at how it works for three specific business-types.

To be clear, diskless LAN booting software will work for any organization that needs multiple computers. However, with the following three, this platform has proven especially helpful in a number of ways.

Internet Cafes

Using diskless LAN booting software for Internet cafes is kind of a no-brainer. By their very nature, these businesses depend on having numerous machines. For the most part, they need to be uniform in their functionality, too, so a customer can confidently sit down at any of them and know they’re going to have the exact same experience they would at any other.

Diskless LAN booting software makes this possible with one-click updates across all the Internet cafe’s computers. Best of all, there’s no downtime involved. No customers need to wait or get turned away while updates are taking place. You don’t have to sacrifice business while you’re taking care of necessary upgrades.

Another reason this type of software is so perfect for Internet cafes is because of the security features we brought up before. Every year, countless people will use computers in Internet cafes.

Internet Cafe

While most of them probably have only the best of intentions and Internet cafes generally have some impressive security software in place, why take any risks? Why not just use diskless LAN booting software to do a regular reboot, ensuring that any Trojans and other viruses get completely wiped off of the computers before they can become a serious problem for business?

If you run an Internet cafe, then yours is probably like the majority of them out there, in that you see your fair share of gamers. There is actually diskless LAN booting software made these days specifically for cafes just like that. You can update games just as you would any other type of software, as well as your cafe’s game menu and any other platforms you need to run your business.

These platforms definitely aren’t limited to traditional, corporate needs when it comes to what they can do.


Speaking of which, diskless LAN booting software has also become very popular with schools all over the world.

No modern schools would be complete without lots of computers for the students to use. Not having them would be like running a school 30 years ago without chalkboards.

However, just like with Internet cafes, you need to make sure these computers are maintained properly or you can bet that your enrollment numbers are going to take a serious hit.

Recall, too, that this kind of technology can work with multiple operating systems, so you can use it for the computers that are in libraries and labs—which most likely get used most by students—and the ones you issue to your staff and faculty as well. You can also use the software to segment the different computers, allowing you to address some a certain way and others another way.

School Computers

While security is definitely a concern with schools as well, diskless LAN booting software is also fantastic for these organizations because of how it allows one IT person to issue upgrades or do reboots without having to walk around to every classroom, lab, library, office, etc. That’s going to save you a lot of time and money where personnel are concerned.


Just like with schools, there’s no way your business is going to get off the ground without some serious hardware. The bigger your company gets, the more computers you’re going to need for all your people.

You can probably guess how a lot of the prior benefits to the last two types of companies apply in this type of situation as well. However, there’s one very important reason to use diskless LAN booting software in your enterprise that’s unique to this type of business.

Office Computers

Whenever you bring new people on, they need a computer, but they also need that computer to have your company’s software installed on it. That might mean common forms like Microsoft Office and Slack. Maybe you have proprietary software you need all your people to use as well.

In any case, you probably know where this is going. Every time you bring on new people, you need an IT person to go around and handle installation for everyone. That’s not just a waste of time, though; that’s a bottleneck. You have to slow down the number of people you can hire and delay when they can begin helping your company unless you have enough IT people to get the necessary setups done in time.

You could do that or you could use diskless LAN booting software and bring on a hundred people just as easily as you could onboard one. Never let your company’s need to scale up be stifled by technology again.

As you can probably imagine, diskless LAN booting software is being used by more and more organizations every single day. It won’t be long before it becomes the standard across industries. If your company relies on multiple computers, you should definitely consider leveraging its capabilities.

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