7 Reason to Supercharge your Internet Cafe with Diskless Booting – Reason 7

Go Green and Reduce That Utility Bill

We’ve already touched on how this type of software can help you save disc space and, thus, money, at the same time. Well, it can also save your organization money on utility bills as well.

You’re probably already aware how much of your budget is spent on the most essential component of any computer: electricity. There’s no getting around that you need to pay for it in order for your machines to work. The more computers your business requires, the larger that monthly utility bill is going to be.

Utility Bills

By many estimates, the technological efficiency of diskless LAN booting software could end up saving you between 30% and 40% of the money that normally goes toward electricity. Most companies would do just about anything to attain those kinds of savings, but all you need to do is invest in a better form of technology—one that is clearly head and shoulders above the old, out-of-date ways of doing things.

What’s more, you can make this part of your organization’s initiative to go green. While most companies would love to tell customers that they’re doing their part to help the environment, the problem is that this sort of dedication can often come with some pretty serious overhead. It’s just not realistic for a lot of organizations.

Instead, with diskless LAN booting software, you can do your company’s budget a huge favor and give Mother Nature a boost at the same time.


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